Skill development & Digital Literacy Center

Project cost (Rs in Crores) - 15

Public Bike Sharing

Project cost (Rs in Crores) - 1.5

Warli Village

Project cost (Rs in Crores) - 25

Labour Hostel

Project cost (Rs in Crores) - 26.91

Chawl Housing

Project cost (Rs in Crores) - 47.8

Working Women Hostel

Project cost (Rs in Crores) - 8.61

Pipariya River Conservation

Project cost (Rs in Crores) - 7.5

Smart Roads-Phase-II

Project cost (Rs in Crores) - 200

Integrated Command & Control (ICCC)

Project cost (Rs in Crores) - 131.56

Central Park

Project cost (Rs in Crores) - 14.64

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Panchayat Market

Project cost (Rs in Crores) - 52.4

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Smart Roads-Phase-I Lot-II

Project cost (Rs in Crores) - 124

Vegetable Market

Project cost (Rs in Crores) - 9.81

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Open Air Restaurant

Project cost (Rs in Crores) - 0

Smart Roads-Phase-I Lot-I

Project cost (Rs in Crores) - 23.88

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Water Supply, Sewerage & Domestic Water Meter

Project cost (Rs in Crores) - 135.25

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Project cost (Rs in Crores) - 45

Ring Road Street Lighting

Project cost (Rs in Crores) - 2.01

Module Project Name
Module 1
SPV Institutionalization
Infrastructure plan for water supply and sewerage Package 1, Water Supply : Infrastructure assessment for water supply in ABD area and outside ABD area, , Fire fighting ESR and network which includes use of cleaned water from newly commissioned STP, SCADA & bulk flow meters for water supply Smart Metering/Bulk flow meter/PLC, SCADA WTP rehab/STP Upgrade Package 2, Sewerage :1. Under Ground Sewer Network, Comprehensive plan for O & M for Sewer Network, SCADA & bulk flow meters for sewerage 2. Solid waste management (PMC to be taken up against the SCP package of CETP) 3. Smart urban restrooms with bathing & launderette facilities / Mechnical equipments for sewer & drain cleaning
Urban Design plan Package 1: Smart Roads: Internal Road & junction improvementComplete streets & junction improvement, Utility Duct Box Package 2: Storm Water Drainage Package 3: Development of Panchayat market wih City Square, Warli Themed ceremonial street and other street improvement, Development of hawking Zones and hawkers plazaDevelopment of Existing Vegetable Market, Designed hawking zones/hawkers plazaPedestrian only Bazaar street Package 4: MLCP and on street parking .Beautification of Damanganga and Pipariya bridge by emotive lighting
Well serviced industrial hub Package 1: Development of Truck termoinus /Transport Nagar Bye lanes Package 2: Upgradation of Chawl housing Package 3: Development of Labor hostel Package 4: IT PARK / INCUBATION CENTRE, Multi -Purpouse business center
Deliverables linked payment schedule applicable for social 1. Up gradation of Bal Udyan with outdoor science park and bal bhawan 2. Up gradation of Working Womens hostel 3. Development of skill development & digital literacy centres (ITI redevelopment)
Module 6 : Tourism
Open Air Restaurants Promoting water sports and development of Mini jetty on Damanaganga River Warli Village Nature Trail Public Bike Sharing
Module 7: Smart Traffic and Parking Management
Command and control centre (and Data Centre) Intelligent traffic management system Smart Signals and Pelican signals Surveillance cameras, CCTVs with Number plate detection E-challan system Smart Parking Smart Pole IT connectivity with Wifi routers and OFC Network LED street lights with SCADA
Module 8 : Smart Governance
Geo spatial mapping of sub surface utilities Customized Enterprise Resource Planning Sivassa Citizen app / Web portal
Module 9
Package 1: Pipariya river conservation Package 2: Solar rooftop on all Govt. buildings and Evironmental sensors, Sensors for detecting air and noise pollution and flood line monitoring